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Web Promotion

Best Nepal has categorized the services of the web promotion into following categories. You can choose one of the following option which suits for your site to be promoted well in internet.

1. Prepaid Promotion

This plan includes to update and promote your site monthly or anually. But, the charge for this promotion should be paid. And, also your site must be hosted with us to be involved in this kind of promotion package. Your site updates and the search engine optimization will be controlled by Best Nepal. The cost varies according to the kind of web. We assure you that we deliver your site on the top ranking. Since, the site will be on trial period for one month.

2. Free Promotion

If you design and host your site with best nepal then your site will be automatically promoted by Best Nepal P. Ltd. free of cost. Though this plan is free of cost there is not any lesser effort to promote the sites. For the promotion of site on top rank, the site should be initially designed or developed technically so we require our own design to promote free of cost. In this plan, the basic features of the promotion like search engine optimization, directory listing will be included.

3. Google AdWords

We provide the advertising program on google Adwords. This promotion means the advertising on the worlds' popular search engine Your site will be displayed as sponsored site on the right site of . This service is only valid for our client. It means that your web should be designed and hosted by best nepal p. Ltd.

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